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MAXCLINIC Royal Caviar Oil Foam

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N&B LAB Royal Caviar Oil Foam





1. Extreme moisture! Experience the expensive beluga caviar cleansing! Have your own famous spa program at home with just cleansing!
2. Contains 5 types of natural high-moisture oil, honey hydrating from the inside, royal jelly, black recipe propolis components let the skin smooth and moist like cleansing with essence water!
3. The oil with warm energy helps skin circulation, removes hardly removed malignant dead skin cells and blackheads from deep inside the pore! Instead of cold cleansing, use the warm cleansing heated by body temperature!
4. Dead skin removing hole smoothly removes dead skin cells from cheek and chin. The ultrafine fiber brush smoothly cleanses the dry skin without skin irritation!


■ Benefits & Effects (Clinical Research)
48 hours hydration maintenance, skin hydration enhancement, skin elasticity improvement (inner skin double improvement), skin luster improvement (T-zone, U-zone luster improvement), skin brightening (eases skin blackness), manages dead skin cells, lip dead skin improvement and moisture supplementation, low irritation test complete, skin pore improvement, skin texture management


Black Diamond Caviar! Incomparable Value Royal Caviar!
(In 18~19th century, in Russia, eating caviar represented status and wealth. The last emperor of Russia and his family ate one spoon of beluga caviar every day is one of the stories. Louis 14 ate caviar in his palace by having it sent to his place all the way from Russia. The high society party, airplanes’ first class provide beluga caviar!
Beluga caviar is the most majestic, biggest, rare to see, and is earned from the oldest beluga. It takes 20 years for beluga to mature so it is a must for it’s caviar to be extremely expensive.)
Black Bee Propolis,Honey, Royal Jelly,Black Pearl,Black Chokeberry, Black Bean, Black Currant Leaf Extract, Black Sesame.