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CELL&B Gommage Peeling Gel

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editorimgCELL&B Gommage Peeling Gel 

[VOLUME] 100g


Low irritating powerful moisturizing peeling Gel! water-locking aloe can dispose of sebum minimizing the stimulation.After the peeling, the skin can still keep moist and the aloe extract and papaya extract can supply the skin with the nutrition and moisture. It can resolve the proteins and softly remove the unnecessary horny layer, taking on a transparent and bright skin without stimulation! Wash out the unwanted horns, improve the skin's  absorption ability of basic cosmetics, maintaining the bright skin.                                                         

How to use:
1 Get rid of the moisture of the skin and hand. 
2 Apply an appropriate amount on the face except the eye rim, 
3 After applied 3 minutes, pat and roll the face using the hands without moisture.
4 After rolling for 1 minutes, fisrt carefully wash the face with the warm water,then with the cold water, and apply the basic cosmetics on the face at the last step.